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Contact Info

Swami Parameswarananda
(Trishan Maharaj)


Swami Niskamananda
(Murari Maharaj)

Telephone and E-mail

L: +91 342 2719225 / +91 342 2719352

E: pmbanagram@gmail.com / swami_parameswarananda@rediffmail.com

Postal Address

For India Contact:

President, Paramananda Mission,
Post Office + Village Banagram,
District: Burdwan,
West Bengal, Pin: 713407



International Contacts:

Bidhan Bandyopadhyay (USA)
M: 301-461-5356
E: bisali87@gmail.com



For Kolkata Contact:

Paramananda Mission Kolkata Office
26, Jhamapukur Lane
Kolkata, 700009, INDIA
M: 9735199627
     94320 84345
E: pmbanagram@gmail.com


Support Association for Paramananda Mission

SPM, Fjellveien 42, 8515 Narvik.
E: hmgiaver@gmail.com

W: paramanandamission.wordpress.com




Debnath Mukherjee
E: debnath.mukherjee@hotmail.com

Words of Swami Paramananda Maharaj

Dear Atman; Life is the living idol of God. Know Him, love Him and serve Him. Know Him with your head, love Him with your heart and serve Him with your body. Life is a journey – a journey of love towards fulfillment. Love will take you Onwards, Onwards and Onwards towards the Self-Realization. Be Sincere – Be Beautiful – Be a Devine Lover. You will see that there is Bliss. God has infinite compassion.


                                                                                                 Om Shanti - Om Shanti - Om Shanti.